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Advanced Laser Disc

Don't live in pain another day! Do you suffer from any injury such as a bulging disc, herniated disc or stenosis of the spine? You may have heard of as a possible solution to your ongoing discomfort. With the aid of a high powered medical microscope, the disc is treated using a painless laser procedure. The procedure is typically completed within 60 minutes. No muscles or bone are cut during the procedure, scarring is minimized and the patient is able to leave the hospital the same day.


Imagine, living life with less pain, less painkillers, and more freedom. Our laser spine surgery also works very well for spinal injuries related to auto accidents or workers’ comp.

- Microscopic Incision

- Improved Quality of Life

- Mostly local anesthesia

- No Removal of Muscle or Bone

- Minimal or no blood loss

- Reduced Pain Medication Use

- Same Day Surgery

- Preservation of Spinal Mobility

- Immediate Recovery

- High Success Rates

- Smallest incision


Same Day Spine Surgeons are the most experienced surgeons to relieve your pain with the advanced laser disc treatment procedure. Use our quick and easy “Where is Your Pain?” Tool to help us get you on the road to recovery. A conference with our doctor will allow you to discuss your concerns and help us come up with the best approach for you.